Brad Shrader [ Chief Executive Officer ]

    Brad Shrader, Chief Executive Officer

    Brad Shrader has spent most of his life as a serial entrepreneur launching and owning multiple businesses. He has owned a restaurant, a property management company, a home rehab business, was an extremely successful real estate investor owns multiple profitable websites that cater to niche markets. Brad was also a Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company and was a member of the Board of Directors.
    He owned and operated a successful company that had contracts with hundreds of banks and financial institutions across the country. His company was highly respected and trusted to get the job done right. At 37 years of age, he sold the business to a large corporation and decided to relax and travel the world. Of course, being the serial entrepreneur that he is, he could not sit still and launched his first website in 2007. That website grew rapidly, became profitable and was able to help support other internet ventures.
    Over the last several years, he has spent countless hours mentoring countless people in their business and personal lives. He has helped many people make smart money-making decisions in real estate, brick and mortar and internet-based businesses. Through his personal coaching, he has helped others to gain the confidence and happiness that they deserve in their lives.
    Brad quickly realized that there were a limited number of hours in the day and there was not enough time to educate all the people he wanted to help. He began to explore online training options and launched his first online training venture in 2012 in a niche market where he was a subject matter expert.
    After seeing his ability to help many in this one tiny industry, he knew he wanted to help educate more people in other specific areas in which they had a desire to succeed.

    Brad and Allen were talking one day about the extreme cost and years it takes to gain a traditional education. They both shared a vision to help people achieve their dreams with life, entrepreneurial and success educational courses and low cost “how to start” business courses. These conversations continued into the excitement and vision that resulted in the launching of


    Allen Watkins [ Chief Operating Officer ]

      Allen Watkins, Chief Operating Officer

      Allen started his career by joining the US Navy right out of high school. He worked as a corpsman, received his paramedic certification and went to work with a private ambulance company in Chicago after 5 years in the military. Married with one child, renting a one-bedroom apartment and struggling financially, he realized that paramedics just don’t make enough money.

      To make a long story short, he got into real estate, as an Investor/realtor. Starting out with no money, he went through the College of Hard Knocks and has had a 32- year career of working for himself and providing a comfortable lifestyle for his family.


      • spent $100,000+ during his career on real estate courses, seminars, and boot
      • bought properties with other people’s money, his own credit card cash advances
        and cash
      • bought with no money down, creative financing, wholesaling, short sales and lease
      • in 1994 became the #3 realtor out of 9 offices and 700 realtors with Century 21, specializing in foreclosures and short sales
      • in 1996 authored the book “The Reality of Real Estate Investing”
      • in 1998 invented the investment simulation board game “The Virtual Reality of Real Estate Investing”
      • taught seminars, his own and for others at conventions and hosted investment simulation workshops
      • mentored apprentice partner students and bought and sold properties with them
      • by 2004 owned and managed 80 units consisting of single family homes and small apartment buildings (now 92% liquidated)
      • in 2006 bought a commercial building, opened his own business Realty Network LLC dba Choice Homes Realty, acquisitions, management and brokering.
      • in 2015 partnered with his son in his realty business.
      • owns the website and is a partner in

      So he knows what it is like to build a business starting from scratch and helping others do the same. His focus now is building, an online digital business in our digital economy, and helping others do the same. His vision is that we all earn money while we sleep and have more time for God, family and friends.


      Punnawit Anonla [ Media Relations Officer ]

        Punnawit Anonla, Media Relations Officer

        Punnawit Anonla  graduated in 2003 from Kasetsart University, Thailand, with a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management.  She worked in Public Relations at Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, and was a professor at Rajamankala University.

        Punnawit was heavily involved in the running of her family’s successful restaurant and was also the managing director for the country of Thailand for an international nutritional and health supplement distributing company  with over 100 million customers worldwide. Her passion is teaching and she has owned and operated a private, educational learning institute for 8 years.

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