• Craigslist Ad


    Posting Title:We Buy & Sell Ugly & Pretty Houses     Location: Anywhere    Postal code: Yours or mine 46405


    Do You Own Real Estate that you need to Unload Quickly? * We Represent Ourselve […]

  • Q & A: From my Apprentice Partners working the business.


    Apprentice: Seller wants no less than 75k for house. Believes it’s worth 100k but comps show 75k. How do I tell a Seller that their house is not worth […]

  • Why are you selling:  Pre-Foreclosure, Divorce


    Asking Price:  Just wants out  Estimated Value:  $100,000     


  • Why are you selling:  Wife pregnant, wants to down size and move into […]

  • Why are you selling:  Tired of Landlording


    Asking Price:  17,000  Estimated Value:  $21,000     


    Current Bala […]

  • Why are you selling:  Death in Family, May be […]

  • Why are you selling:  […]

  • Why are you Selling:______downsizing _______________________________

    Asking Price:   ____129,000____________   Estimated Val […]

  • Why are you Selling:______live out of state, can’t maintain from there._____________________

    Asking Price:   ___ […]

  • Why are you Selling:  __Owner moved out, can’t afford any more. _____________________________

    Asking Price:   __69,900_______________   Estima […]

  • Why are you Selling:______downsizing, moving from area_______________________________

    Asking Price:   _ […]

  • Example: Actual Motivated Seller Information Reports sent to me by my Apprentice Students and my response.


    Why are you Selling?
    Financial difficulty.  She went back to school.  He works out of Union Hall – […]

  • You do not need to know the terms of the the seller’s mortgage.


  • Tips Quiz

  • Tips:

    We have to have room for a profit for the risk we are taking on, of covering the expenses for the seller. Once we sign an agreement the gets on with their life and doesn’t have to worry about anymore […]

  • If you get stumped you should admit you are new and working with an experience partner.

  • Motivated Seller Script Quiz

  • Motivated Seller Script

    Investor: Hi! Are you the owner of the house for sale?


    Seller: Yes I am.


    Investor: Hi! My name is Allen Watkins and I just want to let you know right up front that I am not a ho […]

  • You should know everything before making calls.

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