Course Preview: Start your own million dollar a year, niche market with Bank Owned REO’s. It is time for you to Work Smarter instead of Harder, with Less Time for way more Money!

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The Bank Owned REO Brokerage Business Model specializes in managing and selling bank foreclosures. This business would suit an established real estate professional or someone wanting to learn the lucrative Real Estate REO Brokerage Business.

I started in 1983 buying, rehabbing, renting and selling. By 1989 I owned a lot properties. After listing several with a Realtor who couldn’t get them sold, I decided to become a Realtor and sell them myself. I soon established relationships with banks managing and selling their foreclosures.

I have done lots of short sales, lease options, whole sale deals, nothing down, creative financing deals, flipped houses, bought properties at tax sales etc. I have written a real estate investing book, courses, taught workshops and seminars and developed a real estate investing board game.

Being a Broker owning a brokerage business has always been a compliment to my Real Estate investment business. Now after 33 years and selling my brokerage business I am focused on teaching others how to jump start themselves into a successful Real Estate Business. This course provide a lot of details of what this business model includes.

Producing $1 Million in Gross Commissions

I have conducted 100’s of millions of dollars in real estate transactions. I have to admit, that my intent as an investor, was to have an inside track with lenders to buy their bank foreclosures. In doing so I stumbled onto the fact, that a Bank Owned REO Brokerage Business can be a very lucrative business that can easily create a HUGE additional stream of income.

In my hay-day, I had a staff of 5 producing over a million dollars a year in gross commissions. I recently sold that REO Brokerage Business to have more time to focus on Interowl to help people like you reach your wealth potential and dreams.
My Bank Owned REO Brokerage Business Course

Most REO Realtors are self-taught through trial and error. Now you can Fast Track the creation of your own Bank Owned (REO) Business by learning how I did it successfully. You won’t have to guess at how to do it, because you when you are done, you will have all the knowledge and tools to obtain that same million dollar a year commissions. The difference is that I made all the mistakes for you and if you follow my teaching, you can avoid them!

A Bank Owned REO Brokerage Business is not Market Sensitive

As long as there is divorce, death, medical problems, adjustable rate mortgages, and a host of other problems that people face, there will always be foreclosures and REO’s. In-fact, the numbers are climbing. The prior run of 100% financing with credit scores in the low 600’s and even the 500’s is still creating a lot of foreclosures. While each individual market may have some procedural differences, the techniques and systems to run an REO business are the same everywhere.

My Mission Statement

To Instruct and provide the you with all the information you need to on create a lucrative REO Management and Marketing Brokerage Business. The information will be specific, detailed business procedures and systems that will maximize your time and profits. Following the course material will create a huge income stream leading you to financial independence!

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